Spider Vein Removal

Spider veins on the legs are not a health threat, but can still disrupt the entire appearance of the body. Every patient should have a comprehensive blood vessel or vein examination before their treatment. The treatment of unsightly, visible veins allows dresses, short pants or bikinis to again be worn with pleasure.

Spider veins are widely-dispersed, brush-shaped veins close to the surface of the skin, and are mostly found in the legs. Spider veins form when blood gets trapped by malfunctioning valves which normally channel blood flow towards the heart. This blood flows back, the vessel expands and it becomes visible on the surface of the skin. Men are affected much less than women. The removal of spider veins is not necessary from a medical standpoint and these are considered to be harmless, but many often wish to treat them for aesthetic reasons. Spider veins can be atrophied or treated with the use of a laser.

With sclerotherapy (atrophication), an alcoholic substance, the sclerosant agent, is accurately injected into the affected veins, creating a controlled inflammatory reaction in the vessel walls, which reduces these. The resulting compression therapy uses the body’s own healing processes to permanently close the veins. The body breaks down the rest of veins over time, the blood flow continues through the deeper, healthy vessels and the spider veins are no longer visible. But depending on how deep the spider veins are and how heavy the symptoms are, various different treatments are necessary.

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