Hand Rejuvenation

The hands are one’s personal business cards. But hands already begin to visibly age when we reach the age of 40. The skin on the hands becomes thinner and looser, wrinkles appear, and the tissue on the back of the hands loses its tension and volume.

This is why even the extensor tendons on the back of the hand become visible and why veins can start to bulge. The elasticity decreases, the connective and fatty tissues which fill the space between the metacarpal bones start to reduce, and the hyaluronic acid concentrations of the skin and the connective tissue abate. All of this leads to wrinkles and decreased skin thickness. Additionally, our hands constantly have to deal with environmental influences like cold, heat, UV rays and are exposed to a diverse assortment of substances.

The focus of rejuvenative measures is too often just on the face and throat, forgetting about the hands. This way, the hands often no longer fit a person’s youthful appearance and give away their true age. There are various effective methods for hand rejuvenation, in order to build up volume and with this, fight wrinkles, make tendons and veins invisible again and remove age spots.

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