PRP Treatment (Vampire Lifting)

The high concentration of growth factors in blood platelet-rich plasma triggers extremely effective regeneration and healing processes in the tissue structure, reducing wrinkles and sustainably improving skin tone.

The PRP Treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) is a treatment method, which uses autologous plasma (produced from a patient’s own blood), which contains a high concentration of blood platelets. Highly effective regeneration processes are started in tissue thanks to the high concentration of growth factors in PRP, renewing the skin from the inside, releasing healing processes in the tissue structures and creating new collagen for smooth and fresh skin. That leads to a reduction of wrinkles and scars, improves the skin tone,  reduces the size of the skin’s pores and increases skin thickness.

After a thorough consultation, a quantity of blood is taken and put through a special centrifuge, where plasma and blood platelets are isolated from the other blood components. The PRP makes up about ten percent of the blood volume, is produced in a sterile environment and used immediately. The plasma is ready to inject after a few minutes and is virtually painlessly injected into the surface of the skin with the finest of needles. The subsequent redness abates after a few hours. Possible problems like allergies or intolerances are excluded because PRP uses one’s own plasma and stem cells for regenerative therapy.

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