Thread Lifting

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive aesthetic treatment method, which is quickly effective with no need for a surgical procedure and with less downtime for the patient. Very gentle and using the natural resources of the body, thread lifting visibly alters the ageing signs of the skin.

This treatment method, also known as „Korean Thread Lifting“, has now become extremely popular all around the world. The first lifts were already carried out in France in the 1960’s. With this process, threads are brought under the skin with fine needles, hoisting the tissue and stimulating collagen formation.  This simultaneously mitigates multiple signs of skin ageing. The skin elasticity is clearly increased, and face and body parts are gently prevented from going slack and experience a natural tightening and smoothing effect.

The threads have been used in surgery for years and consist of polydioxanone (PDO) or polylactic acid and are very compatible. These „Threads“ completely break down in the tissue within some months, but the lifting effect stays for between one and 1.5 years, thanks to the additional collagen formation. This way, natural volume and strength are made possible, without scars, anaesthetics and time off.

Along with unwanted signs of ageing in the face, like forehead creases, marionette lines, sagging cheeks and slackening throat and chin areas, otherwise difficult to treat body parts like the cleavage, the underside of the over arms or the thighs can be tightened with thread lifting.

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