A balanced and harmonious body contributes considerably to well-being, to good looks and also to the self-perception and external perception of a person. When bodily proportions are seriously out of balance, the entire life balance can be disturbed by mental and physical restrictions.

The targeted adjustment of various body regions for important health reasons or requirements of aesthetic balance can thus affect the entire quality of life: Self-confidence and zest for life rise, ensuring that one feels at home „in their own skin“ and that their entire personality comes back to life.

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Upper arm lift

The sagging of the upper arm is caused by the loss of elasticity in the skin in this area. Even physical training can barely improve this, meaning that only an operative correction delivers in the long run.


Buttock lift

To many people, a good-looking posterior has a large impact on whether or not they feel at home in their body. The correction or restoration of general body proportions after serious weight loss is one of the decisive factors in those opting for buttock lifting, among the many other potential reasons.


Liposuction of the sides

The soft areas around the hips and the sides, also known by slang terms like „Love Handles“ or „the Lifebuoy“, are, like the stomach, areas where fat tends to cling, even in the face of rigorous activity and dieting. Those wanting to once again look their best can sometimes address issues here with the procedure of liposuction.


Stomach lift

A flat and taut stomach is, for both women and for men, among the most desirable physical traits, allowing a balanced appearance, as well as the best form for those wanting to feel attractive in everyday life, and powerful and capable in sporting pursuits.


Thigh liposuction (Saddle bags)

Fat removal from the upper thigh is one of the most commonly conducted aesthetic surgery procedures. This has to do with the fact that women have two upper thigh problem zones that are completely independent of each other: Areas on the inside and outside of the thighs which can be treated with liposuction.


Skin tumour removal

Skin tumours can occur in all regions of the body. They form through the new formation of tissue in the various skin layers. The word „tumour, which is often falsely equated with cancer, actually only means growth, and says nothing about whether the change is a good or malicious one. Nevertheless, even some benign tumours are better removed with a surgical procedure.


Scar Correction

Scars which occur over the course of life through injuries, accidents, burns or operations are still sensitive and disruptive even after a long time. This is either because they are found on visible parts of the body, because the skin tension they cause can be functionally disruptive or because they limit movement. Either way, many people can benefit from modern plastic and aesthetic surgery to improve the situation.


Stomach liposuction

The stomach is one of those areas that sometimes holds onto fat even in the face of heavy physical activity and tenacious dieting. Fat removal, also known as liposuction, should primarily not be used for weight loss, but instead only in the case of abnormal distribution of body fat.


Upper thigh lift

It often occurs that the skin in the upper thigh and buttocks loses its elasticity through heavy weight loss. At this point, a lifting operation may be necessary for the person to once again look their best and feel unrestricted by their appearance.


Birthmark removal

The removal of birthmarks can be desirable for cosmetic reasons but sometimes also a necessary procedure for medical reasons. They can also be an on-going nuisance, for example, for those who suffer ongoing irritation from birthmarks rubbing on clothing or other objects.


Sweat gland removal

Alongside the targeted treatment of sweating, for example, with botulinum toxin (Botox), the removal of the sweat glands offers the possibility to reduce excessive sweating. Having said this, it is only possible in the area of the armpits.


Lipoma removal

The so-called lipoma is a benign growth of fatty tissue, which mostly forms on the arms, upper thighs or on the back, directly under the surface of the skin. The formation of numerous lipomas is mainly an aesthetically disruptive situation, but one which is easily addressed with surgery under local anaesthetic.


Correction of the intimates

Enlarged inner vulva lips can become a serious mental and physical burden. The correction of the labia is known as labiaplasty and is not undertaken solely in the case of aesthetic reasons, but rather as a corrective measure to relieve pain and functional complaints.