The female breast has always been a symbol of life, fertility and beauty. It is thus understandable that these are a core element of the female body and significantly contribute to feminine well-being and attractiveness.

But men are also affected by aesthetic issues in the breast area. Especially with the onset of gynecomastia or when too much fat tissue is present, operative procedures can restore the visual and physical balance.

With both men and women, a balanced breast area that suits one’s body and personality is an important part of well-being and harmony. Aesthetic plastic surgery has to approach these issues carefully and with conscientiousness. Not inspired by fashionable standards, but by natural body proportions that match with the body and personality. Together with feasibility, these are the central considerations that have to precede the form change.

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Breast lift

Firm breasts give the impression of vitality and youthfulness. But with increasing age (and depending on the weight and size of the breast, along with changes in weight or pregnancies) the connective tissue lessens. The elasticity and firmness thus also decrease, making the breast sag, but this can be reversed with a breast lift.


Breast reduction

Large, plump breasts are a sign of femininity. However, they can also become a burden – not just for the psyche, but also for the body.  Various and sometimes serious complaints go hand in hand with too-large breasts, so a breast reduction sometimes makes sense.


Breast augmentation

The surgical enlargement of the female breast is among the most common procedures in plastic surgery. Since the beginning of humanity, the breast has always stood as a sign of femininity, sexual attractivity and fertility.


Breast & Nipple Reconstruction

Women affected by breast cancer must fight on numerous fronts. Not only do they have to defeat a life-threatening sickness, but their identity as a woman can be put in jeopardy when they are threatened by the loss of one or more breasts. This is an area where aesthetic surgery can help, with breast and nipple reconstruction.


Gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men)

The male breast can become excessively pronounced through the multiplication of breast gland tissue and/or fatty tissue, and take on a female form. In most cases, this is accompanied by feeling uncomfortable in their own body, as well as a matching sense of decreased quality of life.  For some men, a surgical solution could be a step in the right direction, back to a life lived with confidence.


Pseudogynecomastia, liposuction in the breast area (for men)

Too much breast tissue, a breast shape nearing the feminine and the sagging of the breast area are some of the most visually and emotionally restrictive manifestations of the male body. Quality of life and self-confidence can be considerably boosted through an aesthetic surgery reducing the fat quantities in the breast area.