Lip Remodelling

Full lips are a sign of attractiveness, sensuality and youthfulness. But over the course of life, the volume of lips decrease. The goal of lip remodelling is to give the lips an even form, a naturally full volume and a defined contour.

When the hyaluronic acid used in lip remodelling is injected, it disperses via very thin tubes along the lower lip or the lip contour and also enters radially-arranged wrinkles in the upper and lower lip. This way the lips achieve a natural, full volume, at the same time as smoothing out lip lines.

The hyaluronic acid used for lip remodelling is very similar to the naturally-existing form found in the body. Hyaluronic acid has a gel-like consistency and leads to an immediate filling effect, one only very slowly removed by the body. This way, the effect is immediately visible and lasts for six to twelve months.

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